Our comments on the latest Ofsted inspection. November 2017

You will find a link to our most recent Ofsted report, at the bottom of our websites home page.


Whilst we are pleased to see a number of positive things said in our latest OFSTED report, we are disappointed to have fallen a little bit short of “outstanding”.

We don’t think the two reasons given for us not yet being outstanding are  really strong enough to justify Ofsteds view, and particularly in the case of the point about us  not collecting  detailed information , we think this is inconsistent with other praise given to us elsewhere in the report.

We are praised for knowing babies routines well, for following their routines from home, for involving parents in many ways… all strengths that reflect our commitment to parent and child partnership , which be in no doubt, starts at Tiddlers on Day 1 and before.

Of course, OFSTED must be free to judge as they see fit, and whatever we can learn from them we will.

After 17 years our focus and energies continue to be our children, doing all that we can to ensure that all our children enjoy their time at Tiddlers and that they are all as school ready as  they can possibly be when they leave us.

Many thanks for the numerous messages of support following this report and if  any current or potential parents want to discuss any of the reports findings in more detail please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of my staff.

Many thanks Louise